Giclee Print

“Giclee” (pronounced Jhee-clay), from the French Word for little squirt, and in this case meaning, “spray of ink”. A Giclee print is a piece of printed artwork produced by using high quality digital scanning and printing reproduction techniques.

This type of art reproduction is quickly becoming a new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its quality by major museums, galleries publishers, and artists.

A Giclee Print is simply the closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, mechanically, or technically possible.

Each print is individually made versus mass produced. Each has been proofed and approved by the original artists, thus assuring the highest quality. The artist strictly controls the number of copies produced.

These prints have been produced using the finest quality archival  inks and papers. With proper care lighting conditions, these prints have an estimated 25-75 year longevity.